Ensuring Food Security in Senegal

Ensuring Food Security in Senegal

In September 2009, the US Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) signed a five-year, $540 million compact with the Republic of Senegal designed to reduce poverty and invest in economic growth by unlocking the country’s agricultural productivity and expanding access to markets and services.

This goal is being achieved through the rehabilitation of major national roads and strategic investments in irrigation and water resource management infrastructure.

Charles Kendall, in our role as Procurement Agent for this ambitious investment, is contributing to achieving results which include the rehabilitation of nearly 400km of vital market and service access roads, the expansion of new irrigated land by 7,800 hectares, significant increases in water supply for people and animals in the Senegal River Valley and vital stability in crop management and food security.

These efforts are estimated to benefit some 1.6m people.