Procurement and data insights specialists come together for an exciting strategic alignment.

As a team of specialists, Risk Insights are leaders in adopting emerging technology to provide performance and risk focused insights. This is reflected in their innovative solutions for a variety of clients across both credit unions and public sectors. Whereas, CKA are dedicated to providing sustainable and quantifiable benefits through the delivery of procurement solutions for clients. In this partnership, both firms aim to leverage shared knowledge to provide their extensive services to a larger network. The benefits both parties can mutually bring to the table through collaborative efforts seem promising, especially to progressive leaders who wants to improve their procurement function.

Conor McGarrity, Director at Risk Insights looks forward to the partnership, stating:

“By leveraging Charles Kendall’s 75 years of experience in delivering supply chain solutions across the globe, we are accessing new ways of applying our expertise to emerging procurement challenges.”

Whilst CKA’s procurement solutions manager Arthur Freudiger similarly adds:

“This partnership enables us to leverage Risk Insights’ analytics expertise to deliver superior procurement solutions and training to our clients in fields such as data analytics, machine learning, AI and automation.”

With combined skills, both companies are providing a unique Business Discovery Offering. This product identifies business unit or departments’ procurement risks and helps deliver better processes and procedures as well as providing the best analytics to inform decision making. This is made possible through a brief review; procurement risks and data challenges are outlined, and data availability and sources are assessed to showcase tailored solutions.