Assessing and improving your procurement team’s capability.

Implementing a strategic procurement plan is impossible without an internal team that has the right skill-sets and capabilities to handle the required tasks.

Charles Kendall Australia’s capability assessment will provide you with in-depth feedback, recommendations and professional development to address your team’s current performance and abilities.

This analysis and recommendations process will empower your team to meet the parameters of your procurement strategy, from stakeholder management to technical skills.

These personnel-related services are provided as part of our greater capability assessment function, which is, in turn, an element of many of our procurement strategies.

During your team’s capability assessment, Charles Kendall Australia will address critical areas including:

  • People and skills
  • Training and development
  • People management
  • Profile and reputation
  • Professionalism
  • Structure


Improving your organisation’s procurement processes and procedures.

Systems, processes and procedures are vital to the successful delivery of a procurement strategy.

You need clearly defined purposes and objectives, a systematic approach, and the flexibility to adapt and innovate, in order to generate effective results.

Charles Kendall Australia provides capability assessments and recommendations to empower your team to deliver upon targets and objectives – and their processes are a vital piece of the puzzle.

We will evaluate your current processes and any affiliated policies, highlighting any abnormalities or absences that might be hindering your procurement team. We will also ensure that your processes and policies are simple, easy to follow, and relevant to your organisation’s overarching strategic objectives.

During your capability assessment, Charles Kendall Australia will evaluate and report on your processes and policies, including:

  • Procurement management and reporting process
  • Contract management process
  • Supplier relationship management process
  • Risk management process
  • Route to market and P2P process
  • Strategic sourcing process
  • Sustainable procurement and CSR policy
  • Procurement policy, governance and compliance
  • Documentation


Review and recommendations for your IT and infrastructure systems.

Along with your procurement team and the processes and policies they follow, the systems and infrastructure they use to deliver each project are crucial to their success.

Without critical data collection, automation and computerised functions, your procurement team and processes – and your strategy as a whole – are not able to perform at optimum value.

Charles Kendall Australia’s capability assessment will monitor, review and report on your current system’s capabilities, providing targeted recommendations on how to improve these systems. With one eye constantly on your organisation’s greater strategic goals and procurement objectives, Charles Kendall Australia will deliver in-depth advisory services to ensure these goals are not only met but exceeded.

Our recommendations will be calculated to deliver the best short- and long-term value, based on your organisation’s immediate and future needs.

The systems-specific section of your capability assessment will also address areas such as eProcurement, P2P and contract management databases. This may or may not include the design or implementation of custom software systems, or the training of staff in these new disciplines.

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