Procurement Strategies

A strategic approach to procurement, designed for competitive advantage.

Procurement lies at the heart of safeguarding margins and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Positive impacts on your bottom line require well-aligned, objective-driven procurement practices designed from the ground up; procurement and supply management are as financially important as sales and marketing.

Charles Kendall Australia gives modern enterprise and governments the ability to unlock greater efficiency and cost performance. Our personalised approach to procurement ensures alignment with your overall goals, objectives and strategies.

A Charles Kendall Australia procurement strategy will include total end-to-end analysis, reporting and recommendations, including:

  • Assessment of current procurement strategies, processes and skills
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Presentation of options, resources and potential improvements
  • Recommendations for implementing improvement measures

Category Strategies

Targeted category research, analysis and strategy for focused improvement.

Smart procurement strategies are driven by smart, category-specific research, analysis and recommendations.

Charles Kendall Australia’s category strategies will analyse your category spend, review your supplier mix and design results-led plans with one goal in mind: to reduce your costs while delivering measurable operational improvements.

Category strategies are usually implemented as one part of a larger procurement strategy; they can, however, provide qualitative outcomes as standalone solutions.

Your category strategy will offer a range of actionable findings and recommendations, including but not limited to:

  • Assessment of current category spend
  • Review of current supplier mix
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Presentation of options, resources and potential improvements
  • Recommendations for implementing improvement measures

Operational Strategies

Adding value to your internal procurement and organisational functions.

Your organisation’s ability to carry out its procurement functions is critical to the success of its procurement strategy.

As either a standalone service or as part of a greater procurement strategy, Charles Kendall Australia works with your organisation and related stakeholders to ensure your procurement activities are working to their optimal effectiveness.

These services are particularly vital in cases of sudden or major operational change, including operational structure changes, mergers and acquisitions leading to combined procurement functions and departments, or when internal management is required to focus on other non-procurement responsibilities.

Charles Kendall Australia’s operational strategies deliver value through every level of your organisation’s procurement staffing and processes, and include elements such as:

  • Assessment of your current procurement function
  • Review of current organisational methodologies
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Presentation of options for improvement, including restructuring
  • Recommendations for implementing improvement measures

Contract Management

Ensuring targets and outcomes are met or exceeded.

The purpose of strategic procurement is to minimise cost and maximise value; contract management is the crucial first step towards making sure the correct parameters and agreements are set, performed and adhered to.

Charles Kendall Australia’ s proactive contract management services will ensure that your budget targets and desired outcomes are not only met but exceeded, while mitigating the risks associated with procurement activities.

From generic administrative services to contract recovery, Charles Kendall Australia’s specialist contract management professionals are on hand to assist you in ensuring your contracts deliver as expected.

Our contract management services include functions such as:

  • Administration
  • Contract compliance
  • Contract review meetings
  • Performance management
  • Contract database management
  • Contract recovery and corrective action
  • Governance

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Delivering lasting and beneficial relationships with the right suppliers.

An integral part of any procurement function is the fostering and management of relationships with preferred suppliers.

The key to positive procurement outcomes is value-conscious sourcing and purchasing – Charles Kendall Australia’s supplier relationship management ensures you are dealing with the right suppliers at the right price.

Charles Kendall Australia will provide your procurement stakeholders with on-target management of supplier relationships, with the goal of increasing your procurement efficiency, improving internal and outward performance, and creating platforms for discussing continuous improvement opportunities.

Most importantly of all, Charles Kendall Australia will work to identify the most beneficial areas to focus on, in terms of both upfront value and long-term efficiency and cost savings.

Our supplier relationship management service includes:

  • Assistance in profiling your supply base
  • Creation of plans for initiating and implementing SRM programs
  • Development of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) objectives
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and report generation
  • Communication strategy development

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