Category Management Uplift

In Summary


The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) engaged Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) to evaluate, assess and provide recommendations on potential improvements to their procurement category management function. CKA delivered a comprehensive report and offered a number of options and strategies for improvements to the department's capabilities and competency.

The Challenge

  • Assess and build on category management capability.
  • Identify and prioritise category management opportunities.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of work allocation and team organisation.
  • Use findings to build on skills and knowledge of category management staff, as outlined in TMR’s centre-led procurement operating model published in July 2013.


Our Approach

  • In-depth capability assessment of 32 TMR Chief Procurement Office (CPO) staff based on 11 criteria (e.g. risk management, relationships, strategy, etc.) to establish benchmarks.
  • Full report addressing findings, including shortfalls and possible remediation and improvement strategies (particularly featuring mentoring and knowledge sharing).
  • Additional support actions, including documentation drafting, interpreting procedures and reviewing templates.



  • Successful delivery of comprehensive report outlining findings and outcomes.
  • Measurable value added, with significant uplift in confidence, category management capability and strategic competency across varied seniority levels.
  • Detailed data provided to TMR Chief Procurement Officer for consideration and future planning.