Joint Purchasing and Resource Sharing Strategy

In Summary


The Roads Alliance engaged Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) to review and provide recommendations for improving uptake of Joint Purchasing and Resource Sharing (JP&RS) among local councils in Queensland. CKA identified, developed and implemented a wide range of tools and processes to assist in promoting participation and the associated gains in capacity, efficiency and return.

The Challenge

  • Review why JP&RS was not being adopted by councils and develop a toolkit to assist councils with implementation.
  • Identify opportunities and develop pathways for promotion of JP&RS uptake, with the end goal of consolidating purchasing and procurement to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our Approach

Development of a JP&RS pilot scheme (and later a full toolkit) to deliver:

  • Assessment and opportunity identification within current procurement strategies, processes and skills.
  • Detailed presentation of options, resources and required improvements to achieve and measure potential gains in return, processes, skills and capacity.
  • Recommendations to embed new practices in participating organisations into the future


  • Cost savings through aggregation opportunities.
  • Increased return on investment and value for money from resources.
  • Standardisation of goods and services.
  • Advancement of government priorities.