Procurement Policy Alignment

In Summary


Queensland Treasury (QT) engaged Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) to update their procurement policy and procedure documentation in order to comply to the Queensland Procurement Policy 2017 (QPP 2017).

The Challenge

The Queensland Government established QPP 2017 and required all government agencies to comply to the policy by 1 March 2018.
A number of new requirements set out in QPP 2017, such as local benefits test, have a direct impact to how procurement has to be conducted by Government employees.
QT’s procurement policy and procedure documents were lengthy, difficult to understand and lacked practical guidance material to facilitate the delivery of procurement by QT employees.

Our Approach

  • The initial activity was to conduct a gap analysis of the current policy and procedure against QPP 2017.
  • The gap analysis identified areas of partial and/or non-compliance which were broken down into three categories as follows: - areas requiring significant updates or development; - areas required to be partly updated; and - areas requiring minor updates.
  • The gap analysis provided a detailed list of the proposed amendments which, following acceptance from Treasury, were implemented by CKA within a short timeframe.
    As part of the review of existing procurement documentation, CKA made recommendations for improvements which included the alignment and improvement of existing guidance materials as well as addition of new guidance materials to support Treasury employees in conducting procurement activities in line with the new QPP 2017 requirements.
  • As a result, CKA developed the following suite of sourcing guideline documents in alignment QPP2017 and the updated policy and procedure: - Procurement process workflow (plan, source and manage). - Procurement process visual infographic. - ICT procurement visual infographic. - Checklist for conducting a tender. - Procurement plan and significant procurement plan template redesign. - Guidance for local benefits test application in procurement. - Procurement performance management and reporting framework guideline.


  • The updated policy and procedure were reviewed by Treasury’s external auditor who advised that the updated documentation was compliant with the QPP 2017 and can be implemented within Treasury.
  • The sourcing guideline documents were delivered to a high-quality standard with highly visual web-ready documents to improve readability and allow employees to conduct procurement as per the Treasury policy, procedures and overarching QPP 2017.