Procurement Process Review and Mapping

In Summary


Powerlink is a state government owned corporation, which owns, develops, operates and maintains the high voltage electricity transmission network that extends 1700km from north of Cairns to the New South Wales border. To deliver on the business strategy, the Finance & Business Performance Divisional Business Plan 2014/15 committed to undertaking a review of the procurement and contract delivery process as a performance improvement initiative supporting the strategic theme of agile people and processes. Powerlink engaged the services of Charles Kendall Australia to conduct a review of its procurement processes and procedures with the aim of identifying potential improvements and efficiencies.

The Challenge

  • Mapping of the current state procurement processes.
  • Identification of inefficiencies and opportunities to improve procurement processes and overall operations of the procurement team.
  • Mapping of the future state procurement processes.
  • Development of a recommendations report with consideration of key factors such as commercial and financial risk, governance and compliance, business needs and industry best practice.


Identification and analysis of the following:

  • Strategic documentation including policies, standards, manuals, business plans and strategies, and organisational charts.
  • Operational documentation including work instructions, toolboxes and templates.
  • Team structure, resourcing, roles and responsibilities.
  • Systems and tools.
  • Core service offerings.
  • Strategic procurement functions and projects.
  • Customer engagement and communication practices.
  • Reporting structure and practices.


  • A number of recommendations were identified and broken down into seven categories such as contract management, team structure and strategy operations and service delivery.
  • Procurement process maps were developed for the current state and future state.