Procurement Process Review

In Summary


At the time of engagement, the procurement function within Department of State Development (DSD) provided procurement services to within DSD, as well as to Department of Local Government, Infrastructure and Planning including subordinate groups and entities, such as Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). A machinery of government change, throughout 2012 to 2015, led to ambiguity of responsibilities and, therefore, concern with respect to the efficiency and effectiveness of EDQ’s procurement practices.

The Challenge

DSD engaged Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) to undertake a comprehensive review of procurement practices, within EDQ, to ascertain any extent of non-compliance and devise possible means for improvement to efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Approach

The review process was conducted in a way that showed sympathy for the historical approaches to procurement, whilst challenging the existing procurement practices in order to test where value could be added. It was also recognised as imperative that the review carefully consider competing interests and viewpoints so as to appropriately consider all factors prior to recommendations being provided.

CKA conducted various interviews and undertook an audit of procurement records in order to form a view of how current procurement processes compare to what would be considered best practice. The review focused on the following areas of interest:

  • forms and templates
  • procedures and administration
  • training
  • systems
  • procurement delivery model.


The comprehensive review led to 21 recommendations across the interest areas. Recommendations were prioritised and prospective benefits for each were articulated. Fundamentally, the final report provided senior management with an objective, reliable basis for continuous improvement.