Procurement Review

In Summary


Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) was engaged by NSW Health Infrastructure (HI) to review and realign the financial, contractual, procurement and project reporting requirements in its Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. Migrating HI's $10M in projects and programs from paper-based to electronic procurement management, CKA improved efficiency both within HI's three-person team and for external stakeholders.

The Challenge

  • Identification of all existing manual procurement process flows and forms.
  • Identification of opportunities to streamline these existing process flows and forms.
  • Development of new process flows and forms.

Our Approach

  • Phase 1: Establish a baseline for existing processes and identify opportunities for improved efficiency.
  • Phase 2: Based on findings in Phase 1, define requirements for improvements and optimisation across Processes, Forms and User Interface.
  • Phase 3: Implement all optimisations defined and approved in Phase 2.


  • Procurement processes reduced from twelve to five.
  • Remaining five processes rationalised and mapped into flowcharts for easy adherence and implementation.
  • Interactive user guide and simplified printable manual, along with electronic form/audit trial tool ready for integration with HI portal.