Contract Management Training

In Summary


A government organisation engaged Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) to develop and deliver customised training to all Operational Managers across the state to improve procurement and contract management skills and knowledge. CKA successfully delivered on the objectives, improving contract and procurement performance, compliance and staff skill levels.

The Challenge

  • Risks due to not having dedicated procurement professionals on-site.
  • Lack of procurement accountability and differing levels of understanding and compliance across divisions and regions.
  • Varying grasp of procedures and objectives due to wide geographic distribution.
  • Challenges associated with delivering consistent procurement training across four regions within Queensland while ensuring day-to-day operations were not affected.

Our Approach

  • Review current procurement and contract management processes to identify strengths and weaknesses across the organisation.
  • Develop and deliver training based on these findings, including current procurement and contract management templates, policies and procedures.
  • Develop and deliver training packages to specifically address the state’s relevant procurement and other policies.


  • Successfully delivered training in segments over approximately 11 months without affecting day-to-day operations or over-compressing information.
  • Reduced the organisation’s risk exposure via improved procurement and contract performance.
  • Implemented consistent procurement processes across the organisation.
  • Improved staff skill levels and knowledge transfer through on-site training and mentoring programs.