Procurement & Advanced Contract Management Training

Queensland Gas Company Ltd (QGC) engaged Charles Kendall Australia (CKA) to aid in skills and capability improvement among their procurement and contract management staff. CKA delivered customised training for 75 contracts and procurement personnel, filling skill gaps and supporting professional development.

The Challenge

  • Develop tailored programs to target specific areas of weakness across diverse disciplines.
  • Design practical, interactive and customised courses to provide immediate and long-lasting results.
  • Incorporate local policy and procedures, while ensuring minimal disruption to participants’ daily work functions.

Our Approach

  • Conduct reviews of QGC’s policies, procedures and standards to ensure detailed understanding of the environment.
  • Engage stakeholders to establish key issues, outcomes and methodologies.
  • Collaboratively design course content and structure to include:
  • An introduction to procurement. - Tender development. - Supplier management. - Contract management. - Category management. - Best-practice procurement.


  • Successful delivery of the course, with QGC engaging CKA to deliver subsequent courses.
  • Creation of high-quality, corporate-branded support materials, including PowerPoint presentation, desk manuals, reference guides, case studies, activities and notes pages.
  • Minimal disruption to business operations.
  • Positive feedback from participants, particularly regarding course relevancy and practical benefits.